Multifunctional dental tweezers



The utility model relates to a pair of multifunctional dental tweezers, which belongs to the field of medical instruments. The multifunctional tweezers comprise a clamping head, a clamping arm, a tweezers tail and a filling head ball, wherein the clamping head is arranged at the front end of the clamping arm, concave-convex grains are respectively formed on the inner side and the outer side of the clamping head and play the functions of eliminating dental tartar and fragments, detecting the depths of tooth decay and the tooth root, and stirring; the concave-convex grains can be used for scraping; a positioning anti-twist bolt and an anti-twist bolt hole are arranged at the front part of the clamping arm; anti-skid grains are formed in the middle part on the outer side of the clamping arm; the rear end of the clamping arm is connected with the tweezers tail; and the filling head ball is arranged at the top end of the tweezers tail and plays the functions of filling, straightening and the like. Through the special concave-convex design on the outer side of the clamping head, the positioning anti-twist design as well as the design of the filling head ball at the tweezers tail, the utility model has the advantages of good positioning, strong holding power, great flexibility, simple use and convenient operation, integrates various functions as a whole, and has the characteristics of convenient use and carrying, aesthetic appearance, sanitation, safety and the like, and is convenient to be popularized and applied.




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