Tractor linked hydraulic crane loader


  • Inventors: SHAO ZHANYONG
  • Assignees: 邵战勇
  • Publication Date: December 09, 2009
  • Publication Number: CN-201358138-Y


The utility model discloses a tractor linked hydraulic crane loader, belonging to the technical field of hoisting and loading machinery and aiming at solving the problems of frequent assembling and disassembling and inconvenient usage of the existing farm tractors. The utility model adopts a tractor mainframe and a hydraulic crane loader which comprises a support column, a hydraulic telescopic support arm, a lifting boom and a hoisting hook; a coupling shaft installed at the top part of the support column of the hydraulic crane loader is connected with the middle-rear part of the lifting boom; the rear end of the lifting boom is screwed with the hydraulic telescopic support arm through a coupling, and the hoisting hook is installed and connected at the front end of the lifting boom; the hydraulic crane loader is installed and connected on the tractor mainframe, with the support column fixedly connected on a rear support seat plate of the tractor mainframe through a bottom connecting seat; the hydraulic telescopic support arm is slantingly installed and connected on the rear support seat plate of the tractor mainframe; and a hydraulic pipe is connected with a hydraulic pump of the tractor mainframe. The hydraulic crane loader is novel in structure and is applicable for hoisting and loading cotton bags, crop sacks and crop stalks as well as various substances in other fields.




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