Rotary-wing vertical takeoff and landing jet aircraft


  • Inventors: YE FENGFENG
  • Assignees: 叶 锋
  • Publication Date: December 09, 2009
  • Publication Number: CN-201357943-Y


The utility model relates to a rotary-wing vertical takeoff and landing jet aircraft, which comprises a rotary wing, an air inlet cabin, an air jet cabin, a main cabin, rotating shafts, rudder plates and the like, and also comprises a rotating cabin (1), wherein the air inlet cabin (4) and the air jet cabin (5) are collectively known as the rotating cabin (1), and the rudder plates (43,46,49) rotate by the rotating power of motors (41,44,47) transmitted by the rotating shafts (42,45,48); and air is jetted from air nozzles (6,7) below wings to drive the rotary wing to rotate, and meanwhile, air is sucked from air inlets (2,3) and air is jetted from the air nozzles, so that the low air pressure above the wings and the high air pressure below the wings are generated to generate lift force. In this way, the jet aircraft can take off and land vertically and suspend in the air, and when the aircraft turns, the rudder plates (43,46,49) can be used to enable the main cabin (21) to horizontally rotate to complete the turning of the aircraft. Through the design, the jet aircraft can take off and land vertically, suspend in the air and no longer needs larger maneuver when turning.




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