Learning pen


  • Inventors: LIU YINGXUE
  • Assignees: 刘映雪
  • Publication Date: December 09, 2009
  • Publication Number: CN-201357647-Y


A learning pen relates to a pen capable of heating in winters, belonging to stationery, which comprises a penholder and a pen head, wherein the top end of the penholder is provided with a clamping piece. The learning pen is characterized in that the penholder is made from material with excellent heat conductivity, electric-heat wires are evenly distributed inside the penholder, an operating switch of the electric-heat wires is arranged outside the penholder, the inner portion of the clamping piece is provided with a battery bin of button batteries, and the batteries, the switch and the electric-heat wires are connected by wires in turn to form an operating circuit, and the set upper temperature limit of the electric-heat wires does not exceed 50 DEG C. People feel cold when writing in winter, but can not wear gloves to write, however, then the switch on the penholder can be opened, and the electric-heat wires inside the penholder are electrified to heat, people can feel warm when holding the pen, and never feel inconvenient to write owing to feeling cold. The electric-heat wires are set with the upper temperature limit, which can prevent temperature of electric-heat wires from being overhigh to scald hands.




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