Electro hydraulic valve remote control system



The utility model relates to an electro hydraulic valve remote control system comprising an electromagnetic valve, a butterfly valve with a driving mechanism, and a control system. The control system comprises a touch-control screen OIP or a computer PC; a control element adopts a programmable controller PLC; the input end of the electromagnetic valve is connected with a hydraulic power unit; and the output end of the electromagnetic valve is connected with the butterfly valve with the driving mechanism. A modern control electronic product is adopted as the control element which adopts the PLC, and the working state of the butterfly valve can be changed by only softly touching an analog icon or a push button for controlling the butterfly valve on the touch-control screen OIP or the computer PC; and simultaneously, the actual opening of the butterfly valve is fed back to the touch-control screen for display, and working medium adopts hydraulic oil. The remote control system has comparatively small and beautiful shape and wider use range, and can be applied to vessels, drilling platforms and operation occasions which workers on land can not reach.




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