Movable green body sweeper



The utility model discloses a movable green body sweeper which can be installed in front of a ceramic drying kiln. The green body sweeper comprises a machine frame, as well as a grinding disc, a disc motor and a transmission shaft installed on a bearing frame, wherein, the grinding disc motor drives the grinding disc to rotate through the transmission shaft. The green body sweeper is characterized in that the machine frame is erected above a transmission rolling rod, a guide rail is arranged on the machine frame, the bearing frame is mounted in a sliding manner on the guide rail through a weight bearing wheel, and a reciprocating motor on the machine frame drives the bearing frame to conduct reciprocating motion along the guide rail through a driving wheel and a synchronous belt. The design not only solves the problem that the traditional green body sweeper fails to sweep away body refuse completely and tends to make green bodies suffer from fracture, but also reduces the labor intensity of workers in favor of carrying out body refusing sweeping in a more thorough, effective and efficient manner, thereby improving surface qualities of products, increasing high-class product rate and bolstering economic benefits.




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