Multifunctional rehabilitation apparatus


  • Inventors: YAN CHENGQIANG
  • Assignees: 阎承强
  • Publication Date: November 11, 2009
  • Publication Number: CN-201342044-Y


A multifunctional rehabilitation apparatus belongs to the field of rehabilitation devices, in particular to a multifunctional exercise rehabilitation apparatus, which comprises a frame and a base, and is characterized by further comprising a head and neck rehabilitation device, an upper limb rehabilitation device and a lower limb rehabilitation device, wherein the head and neck rehabilitation device comprises a traction band and a traction band controller which is connected with the traction band, the upper limb rehabilitation device comprises a power control device, a moving plate and a retaining plate, wherein the power control device is connected with the moving plate, and the moving plate is connected with the retaining plate. The lower limb rehabilitation device comprises a rotary power control device, a driving wheel, a driven wheel and a chain, wherein the rotary power control device is connected with the driving wheel which is connected with the driven wheel through the chain. The multifunctional rehabilitation apparatus has simple and reasonable structure, can carry out rehabilitation treatments for multiple positions of a human body with one set of machine, has significant effect, simple operation and low production cost, and is suitable for the popularizations and wide promotion in industrial production and daily life.




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