Steel ingot vertical and horizontal turnover type clamp



The utility model relates to a circular (square) steel ingot clamp which is used in special steel smelting industry, in particular to a steel ingot vertical and horizontal turnover type clamp for vertically and horizontally hoisting circular (square) steel ingots. The steel ingot vertical and horizontal turnover type clamp solves the problems of the prior art of low efficiency and poor safety caused by the manpower participation in the steel ingot hoisting. The structure comprises a clamp lifting lug; the lower end of the clamp lifting lug is hinged with an inner armtie and an outer armtie; the lower parts of the inner and the outer armties are hinged with an inner clamp body and an outer clamp body; the inner and the lower clamp bodies are hinged by a middle shaft; and hanger pressure heads go through the clamping position of the inner and the outer clamp bodies. The steel ingot vertical and horizontal turnover type clamp has creative design, is quick and reliable to operate, direct and accurate in the open and the closed states. Compared with other hoisting methods or auxiliary tools, the steel ingot vertical and horizontal turnover type clamp uses fewer clamps or hangers in hoisting, saves time, is safety, and is capable of the multi-functional hoisting of steel ingots in vertical, vertical or horizontal turnover and horizontal states.




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