Plate-getting manipulator of capsule automation line



The utility model discloses a plate-getting manipulator of a capsule automation line, which belongs to the processing machinery of drug containers, and solves the defect of the prior plate-getting manipulator that a rubber plate is easy to slide on the support plate of the manipulator. The plate-getting manipulator is characterized in that a rubber plate positioning mechanism comprising a supporting plate and a locating rod is arranged on the prior plate-getting manipulator; the supporting plate is fixed on a vertical bar; a vertical hole is formed on the supporting plate; the locating bar arranged in the vertical hole can slide up and down; a positioning head is arranged at the lower end of the locating bar; a limiting head is arranged at the upper end of the locating bar; the locating bar is sleeved with a spring; the lower end of the spring leans against the positioning head; and the upper end of the spring leans against the supporting plate. As the rubber plate is located, the rubber plate is stably positioned on the supporting plate without slip during the lifting process, and the unstable running phenomena such as blockage, displacement, drop-off, and the like are prevented from happening.




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