Magnetic levitation luminescent brush


  • Inventors: ZHAO YILING
  • Assignees: 赵一领
  • Publication Date: October 21, 2009
  • Publication Number: CN-201331610-Y


The utility model provides a magnetic levitation luminescent brush, which comprises a framework of a polarizer and a transparent base of the polarizer, wherein a rotating shaft and a high field magnet body are arranged on the framework of the polarizer; a rotating shaft seat and an induction coil are arranged on the transparent base of the polarizer; and an electrical controller provided with a light-sensitive tube is arranged and connected on the induction coil. Normally, the polarizer is arranged above a position that has no influence on normal line of sight of a driver; and in the case of night vehicle meeting, the polarizer can automatically overlap and extend along with the intensity of the light irradiated from the opposite, thereby preventing the eyes of the driver from instantaneous dazzling and being irritated caused by the highlight irradiated from the opposite.




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