Ice block generating device


  • Inventors: FAN ZHEMIN
  • Assignees: 范哲敏
  • Publication Date: October 21, 2009
  • Publication Number: CN-201331221-Y


The utility model discloses an ice block generating device adopting a semiconductor for refrigeration. The ice block generating device comprises a semiconductor refrigeration device, wherein a refrigeration end of the semiconductor refrigeration device is connected with an ice mold; a heat dissipation device is connected to a heat dissipation end; the semiconductor refrigeration device is connected with a power supply through a power supply control device; and a current reverse controller is arranged on the power supply control device. A refrigerant is not used when the device is adopted, so that no damage to the ozone layer occurs, and the environmental protection is favorable; after the ice block is solidified, a reverse current is conducted to the semiconductor refrigeration device through the current reverse controller, and the reverse heating of a semiconductor chip can be realized, so that the temperature of the inner wall of the ice mold is increased, the contact part between the ice block and the inner wall surface of the ice mold slightly melts and the ice block is conveniently separated from the ice mold.




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