Rotary worktable



The utility model discloses a novel rotary table, and mainly applies to rotation of a solar tracking device, and situations such as factory industrial equipment needing to be borne and rotate. The rotary table comprises an upper rotary table board, a lower fixed seat, a wheel carrier and a driving unit; the driving unit which comprises a motor, a speed reducer and a pinion is mounted on the upper rotary table board; the lower fixed seat is a circular ring shaped component with a hole at the center; and holes evenly distributed along the hole at the center are formed on two end surfaces close to the hole at the center; the centers of the distribution circles of the holes coincides with the rotation center of the lower fixed seat; pintles passing through the holes on the lower fixed seat are fixedly connected to the lower fixed seat; the pinion are meshed with the evenly distributed pintles; the wheel carrier is provided with two cylindrical journals; and axes of the two journals are vertical to each other; a first rolling wheel and a second rolling wheel are arranged on the journals; the upper rotary table is borne on the lower fixed seat through the first and the second rolling wheels mounted at the bottom of the rotary table, and rotate around the lower fixed seat; and the driving unit can further comprise the speed reducer. The novel rotary table replaces the prior large-diameter rotary bearing structure, and causes installation and adjustment to be easy; and furthermore, the cost is very low.




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