Single-side laminator



The utility model relates to a single-side laminator, which comprises a work platform, wherein an upper rubber roller (2) and a lower rubber roller (3) are arranged above and below a table top (1) of the work platform; the gap between the upper rubber roller (2) and the lower rubber roller (3) is a compression effect space (4), and the lower rubber roller (3) is driven by a motor through a transmission mechanism, and is characterized in that a plate inlet end of the compression effect space (4) is provided with an approaching switch (6) which is used for detecting the passing of the tail end of a plate (5); and the approaching switch (6) is connected with a delay control circuit and is connected with the motor through the delay control circuit so as to control the stopping of the motor. The laminator can be automatically stopped when the tail end of the plate just passes through the nearest point of the upper and the lower rubber rollers, thereby thoroughly preventing the adherence, and greatly improving the production efficiency, and being free from damaging the plate, and being applicable to the thin and fragile plates with different strength.




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