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US-2011273053-A1: Armature of electric motor patent, US-2011285059-A1: Laser Ablation Process For Removing A Portion Of Dilation Element From A Balloon patent, US-2011303503-A1: Damping Device for Flat Components patent, US-2012003055-A1: Anti-vibration tool holder patent, US-2012025730-A1: Circuit Arrangement and Method for Operating a High-Pressure Discharge Lamp patent, US-2012040658-A1: Method and apparatus for secure immediate wireless access in a telecommunications network patent, US-2012053408-A1: Endoscopic image processing device, method and program patent, US-2012057279-A1: Electronic Apparatus patent, US-2012063926-A1: Compressor having a clutch device patent, US-2012075669-A1: Image forming system patent, US-2012089858-A1: Content processing apparatus patent, US-2012107020-A1: Developing device, image forming unit and image forming apparatus patent, US-2012108376-A1: Tensioning device with a cylindrical latching system patent, US-2012168197-A1: Coaxial cable structure with extruded shielding layer patent, US-2012192229-A1: Process, instructions and architecture of a graphical user interface saved on a physical, computer read-able media device and run for the display of multiple streaming live video feeds simultaneously patent, US-2012194840-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2012210296-A1: Automatically creating business applications from description of business processes patent, US-2012222065-A1: Pre-loading follow-up content patent, US-2012226632-A1: Stock purchase indices patent, US-2012242466-A1: External status indicator for an electric vehicle patent, US-2012248749-A1: Head-protecting airbag apparatus patent, US-2012266175-A1: Method and device for balancing load of multiprocessor system patent, US-2012292398-A1: Electronic product with smart card patent, US-2012301224-A1: Protective element, concrete element, and method for producing a concrete element patent, US-2012306799-A1: Electronic device patent, US-2012318245-A1: Apparatus for improving efficiency and emissions of combustion patent, US-2012318847-A1: Surgical Stapling Apparatus patent, US-2013063488-A1: Method and apparatus for providing list-based exploration of mapping data patent, US-2013075078-A1: Downhole sampling tool patent, US-2013076831-A1: Printer and printing head moving mechanism patent, US-2013086426-A1: Exception handling test device and method thereof patent, US-2013094673-A1: Method and apparatus for outputting audio signal patent, US-2013115120-A1: Peristaltic pump assemblies and systems incorporating such pump assemblies patent, US-2013119819-A1: Rotor Disk With Spoke Openings patent, US-2013122589-A1: Targeted differentiation of stem cells patent, US-2013141460-A1: Method and apparatus for virtual incident representation patent, US-2013145100-A1: Managing metadata for data in a copy relationship patent, CA-2897365-A1: Method and system for recognizing speech commands patent, US-2013147004-A1: Integrated Capacitive Device Having a Thermally Variable Capacitive Value patent, US-2013157532-A1: Outboard motor and watercraft including the same patent, US-2013163588-A1: Method of transmitting data in a communication system patent, US-2013170472-A1: Mobility management of osi connections between cell towers patent, US-2013179346-A1: Hosted thin-client interface in a payment authorization system patent, US-2013184032-A1: Mobile terminal patent, US-2013186294-A1: Ammunition cartridge case bodies made with polymeric nanocomposite material patent, US-2013224378-A1: Formation and immobilization of small particles by using polyelectrolyte multilayers patent, US-2013229324-A1: Display method and electronic device patent, US-2013241647-A1: Distortion Correction in Class-D Amplifiers patent, US-2013265879-A1: Qci based offloading patent, US-2013273006-A1: Methods and compositions for the treatment of cirrhosis and liver fibrosis patent, US-2013279517-A1: Line Interface Unit With Feedback Control patent, US-2013305444-A1: Two-stage flush and grey water flush systems and devices patent, US-2013307359-A1: Bolted connector for stator coils of an electrical generator patent, US-2013307504-A1: Voltage generation circuit patent, US-2013310927-A1: Implantable Valve System patent, US-2013317879-A1: Work problem analysis support system patent, US-2013338875-A1: Method and device for determining a power reserve of an electric drive patent, US-2013342665-A1: Deep tissue focal fluorescence imaging with digitally time-reversed ultrasound-encoded light patent, US-2014016937-A1: Optical communication system and method for data processing in an optical network patent, US-2014025029-A1: Enclosing bandage for providing comfortable wound care and limiting fluid leakage patent, US-2014025349-A1: Designing An Assembly Of Objects In A Computer-Aided Design System patent, US-2014044860-A1: Methods to increase fracture resistance of a drug-eluting medical device patent, US-2014064259-A1: Method of managing context table for compression of ipv6 header based on context in wireless mesh network patent, US-2014067578-A1: Listing a candidate service in a service catalog patent, US-2014075387-A1: Slide bar display control device and slide bar display control method patent, US-2014078624-A1: Semiconductor integrated circuit with esd protection circuit patent, US-2014092597-A1: Light emitting device patent, US-2014105308-A1: Method and apparatus for encoding video, method and apparatus for decoding video, and programs therefor patent, US-2014109235-A1: Directing Users to Preferred Software Services patent, US-2014109645-A1: Determination of reference values for ultrasonic flow metering systems patent, US-2014115561-A1: Apparatus and Method for Creating a Program For Computer-controlled Machines patent, US-2014121525-A1: Ultrasound probe patent, US-2014126735-A1: Reducing Occlusion Effect in ANR Headphones patent, US-2014154530-A1: Battery pack and vehicle provided with same patent, US-2014159086-A1: Active device array substrate and display panel patent, US-2014165660-A1: Washing machine patent, US-2014165694-A1: Methods and systems for quality control of seismic illumination maps patent, US-2014166820-A1: Crossing proximity and train-on-approach notification system patent, US-2014214852-A1: Method for producing and using a recursive index of search engines patent, US-2014225924-A1: Intelligent method of determining trigger items in augmented reality environments patent, US-2014228307-A1: Composition and method for treating an autoimmune disease patent, US-2014244030-A1: Conveyor Controllers patent, US-2014253884-A1: Projector and Electronic Apparatus Having Projector Function patent, US-2014258265-A1: Persisting and retrieving arbitrary slices of nested structures using a column-oriented data store patent, US-2014267072-A1: Recognizing handwriting input using rotatable support lines patent, US-2014268107-A1: Acoustic and Optical Illumination Technique for Underwater Characterization of Objects/Environment patent, US-2014277654-A1: Smart media guides, beacon-based systems and formatted data collection devices patent, US-2014291285-A1: Manufacturing method of liquid ejecting head patent, US-2014306759-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2014307838-A1: Receiver patent, US-2014317238-A1: Website server request rerouting patent, US-2014331417-A1: System and Method for Printing Customized Graphics on Footwear and Other Articles of Clothing patent, US-2014334387-A1: Method, apparatus, and computer program product for protecting shared transmission opportunity patent, US-2014345568-A1: Engine intake apparatus and method patent, US-2014357238-A1: Methods and systems for dynamically changing contact information patent, US-2014358579-A1: Clinical decision support system for quality evaluation and improvement of discharge planning patent, US-2014369099-A1: Power converter including smoothing capacitor and discharge resistor patent, US-2014369540-A1: Audio device and portable electronic device patent, US-2014372675-A1: Information processing apparatus, control circuit, and control method patent, US-2014380291-A1: Extracting stream graph structure in a computer language by pre-executing a deterministic subset patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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